6 signs that you are too trying to impress others

6 signs that you are too trying to impress others

We want to like it – and this is normal. We are pleased when we are noticed and when communication with us is remembered, and this is quite natural. The main thing is not to get out of the skin for this, otherwise it begins to look strange from the outside and only repels the interlocutors.

1. You play the role of a jester

Humor cheers up, gives us a good impression and leaves a pleasant aftertaste after the meetings. Therefore, many of us, when communicating with others, try to recall all the jokes heard, ironize over ourselves and sometimes move in this line.

Perhaps you yourself are familiar with these awkward situations when you feel forced to laugh at other people’s non -laugh jokes – whether it is worth putting others in a similar position?

If you are not in the blow today, do not try to squeeze something out of yourself

Let the conversation go as it goes. Others in any case consider insincerity and your excessive desire to like – it is hardly the impression that you want to make on them.

2. You laugh loudly where the rest only smile

It happens that the interlocutor tells something half-joking, obviously not expecting an explosion of laughter in response, and others grin slightly. Anyone who in such a situation begins loudly and, not notice in brackets, almost always fake, as a rule, looks very strange.

Be sincere, react as you want. Most comments, even witty, deserve only a slight smile.

3. You are too cute

Being good is beautiful, this is what we all should strive for, but if you overdo it, people begin to doubt your intentions. Of course, there are no specific rules here, and the phrase “too cute” for everyone will mean something of their own, but you should definitely not agree and praise everything that you do not like, and apologize a hundred times for any trifle.

The same rule acts here as in all other cases: sincerity plus appropriation.

4. You just listen, but do not tell anything

Yes, we all know that in order to be known as a beautiful interlocutor, you need to listen more than to say (and do it actively), but, again, to a certain limit. “Game of one gate” can quickly get

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tired of the interlocutor when he understands that he poured your soul, but did not know anything about you.

Communicating means to take and give, and here the balance is important. Ask open questions, demonstrate interest in the interlocutor, offer something, give examples from your life when it is appropriate.

5. You always say yes “

But it’s not at all like the hero of Jim Kerry, who suddenly became open to any possibilities: no, you just agree with everything that the interlocutor says, you nod affirmatively, never argue and do not give counterarguments. Most likely, because you simply have no opinion.

How can you characterize a conversation with such a person? Alas, for most it will be boring.

Work to make your impression about something, and do not be afraid to share your opinion and object, if necessary, but do it with respect to the interlocutor. You can mitigate the presentation of your arguments in phrases in the spirit of “Yes, but …”, “What if …”, “But maybe …”.

6. You release self -abiding comments

A couple of times it is quite acceptable to laugh at yourself kindly, but constantly laughing yourself and your actions-this will not lead to anything good. At least others will feel awkwardly, as a maximum – will lose all desire to communicate with you.

Of course, communication has certain laws, but most importantly – it should take place naturally, without obvious efforts on your part. Try to be friendly, open and respectful, but do not belittle yourself and do not adapt to the interlocutors in everything.